VCC(Virtual Console Connection)-300 connects two Microsoft 32-Bit Windows computers using a dedicated high-speed (480Mbps) data cable which allows you to
1) control both computers as comfortably as using a dual monitor, using the keyboard and mouse of one computer,
2) and copy files and folders easily between the computers using the Drag-and-Drop function.
3) It also allows you to share the clipboard of the two computers, making it possible for you to easily copy files, texts, and images from one computer, and paste it wherever you want in the other computer.
4) Not only that, but it allows you to share internet connection from a computer that is connected to the Internet, to the other computer that is not connected to the Internet.
Therefore, this product allows you to use two separate computers as if you were controlling one computer with a dual monitor, maximizing the work efficiency of a user with two computers.

System Configuration

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems (Any combination of supported operating systems applicable) – Microsoft 32-bit Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000 (VCC-300 does not support 64-bit Windows and WindowsRT. If you want the VCC operation in 64-bit Windows, use the VCC-400.)
One spare USB 2.0 port on each computer required
Product Contents
1) VCC-300 USB adapter dongle
2) USB2.0 Hi-Speed extension cable (1.8 meters)
3) Driver/Software/Manual CD
4) Quick Start Guide
Product Pictures
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